ZZLibrary is a library for developers full of functions to make the developing process easier and streamlining repetitive stuff like event registering, timers, or fanciness like animations.

(Detailed function description and documentation will follow)

Currently ZZLibrary contains the following Toolsets:

  1. General (chat output, tooltips, variable dumps, ...)
  2. Table (working with tables; append, isempty, contains value, ...)
  3. Math (working with numbers, format, log, round, to decimal / hex, ...)
  4. String (woring with strings; empty, ends/starts with, split, trim, match localization format, ...)
  5. Classes (class token conversion; color, icon)
  6. Colors (working with colors; linear gradient, color space conversion, hex representation, ...)
  7. Hash (hash calculation)
  8. Story (storyboarding; timed step by step processes, animation)
  9. Event (working with events; register, unregister, trigger (for listeners using ZZLibrary))
  10. Timer (timing; repeating, one-time)
  11. Widget (dynamic ui widget creation)


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