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You NEED to install d303Fix, MorphClock or Fix-for-Patch303 if you didn't delete clock.
QuestWiz will cause XBar, WoWmap, yGather... broken if you didn't install patch.
Please delete the bonus which you don't need!

Are you finding other XBar addons?



  • Add a bar with many useful information.
  • Customize Button.
    • Each button with a Tooltip for informations.
    • Each button have function when you Right or Left Click.
    • A setting for show any informations which you want.
    • A setting for hide or show any buttons you want.
    • You can delete the button file which you don't need.
    • You can add any third-party buttons.
  • Addon Management.
    • Integrates addons' GUI in one window.
    • Integrates addons' setting or function access in popup menu.
  • A small equipment frame.
    • Show durability and colored it.
    • You can use it to change and fix equipment.
  • Hide frame of MainMenu, Experience and EquipDamage.
  • A button to mute sound.
  • A button to set your display to low quality.
  • I use the best code for XBar to enhance your system speed.
    • The FPS is same or less than other info bar.
    • The size is very small if you didn't count in image and language file.

Differents between XBar III and New XBar

  • These features are not in XBar or XBarII.
  • You can see more details by Right-Click on "XBar Main" button.
  • You can use following command in macro:
    /run XBar.heal() - Target and heal people whose hp is lowest.
    /run XBar.rogue() - Rogue skill-rotation, checks debuffs, cooldowns & energy then use corresponding skill.
    /run XBar.party() - Target party member 15 sequentially.
    /run XBar.switch() - Switch weapons.
    /run XBar.strip() - Unequipt all items to 2nd bag or equipt all items.
    /run XBar.pet1() - call/recall your pet in slot 1.
    /run XBar.pet2() - call/recall your pet in slot 2.
    /run XBar.pet3() - call/recall your pet in slot 3.
    /run XBar.preview() - Target preview.
  • Additional addons in XBar III (All of them are small) :
    ItemPreviewResizer, NewCasting, PetCraftReminder, RiadSave, SimpleDamageLog, vcThreatMeter, WebLinks, XMinimap.

    Deleted: eCooldownPulse, adBottomArt, AutoNormal, BagRightclickChecker, ChatScroll, CopyChat, FlieCleanUI, guiCalc, Instance Map Fix, InvitedByFriend, Minimap Wheel Zoom, MonsterCardTooltip, Notepad, RemoveSpellEffects ON/OFF, AddonConfig(Tool), 303 fix(Tool), Sol(Library).

Slash Command

  • /xb or /xbar - Show help messages and GUI.
  • /xb on - Switch XBarFrame.
  • /xb main - Switch MainMenuFrame in game.
  • /xb exp - Switch ExperienceFrame in game.


  • The addon is based on XBar.
  • Only the following codes and above additional addons isn't write by me.
    • Sold items in Auction House feature is wrote by Mavoc.
    • XP Button is fixed by Yamabuki.
    • Xylch - ChatScroll.
    • bussdee - PetCraftReminder.
    • joselucas - WebLinks, SimpleDamageLog.
    • vEEcEE - ItemPreviewResizer, vcThreatMeter.
  • If you don't need bonus, PLEASE USE New XBar.


  • Code: nigroangelus, Mavoc, Xylch, interjay, http://lua-users.org.
  • Teaching: McBen, Valacar.
  • Amazing Bonus Idea: bussdee.
  • Tribal bar skin: yess.
  • Translator: baguneko, Sarge31FR, SacraJP, bussdee, Gonzo1968, Tschuss, adamich, zeramise, momo1212, rfv1122.
  • Suggest and Report: Cbfks, Elucia, Fearless2o7, Irastrano, skitey, SnarlGard, ..., sorry, I forgot some people's name.

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