This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Runes of Magic. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


Creates a small bar at the top or bottom of ur screen,
which lets u watch stats/infos as well as interact within.
Usage: Buttons can be moved while pressing shift+right mouse...to permanently save their positions u have to relog once. If u click a Button with left mouse, it will open an embedded Frame/Menu if included there, some got more options u will see in their tooltips. Tooltips also contain more precise informations about stats declared to it. If enabled, u can move several Unit- and Window-Frames while pressing shift+right mouse, their position will be stored. The minimap can be hidden, if u press on the N at its top, right mouse will open the worldmap. U'll find many more features, like onlinetimer, afkmode, a banking tip etc. First Start: In the very first beginning, XBar will arange any Buttons near together and place related and activated Frames to a default position. U are free to move several Frames coming with the official UI, hiding content of the bar itself and much more... If for some reason u can't see the XBar, maybe this can help u: How to reset XBar's values (thx to ankido). U can also type /script XBarCfgBtn:Show() in the chat to let the ConfigButton show up in the corner u placed XBar last time (default is upper left), clicking it then will let u configure the XBar again. Thanks to the following people: Slayblaze for the creation of usermade skins for XBar. krankhaft for another skin i reworked for usage in XBar too. dhrami for showing up the simplicity of a damagemeter. ArcticXWolf for his guild plugin. all of u for posting bugs, making suggestions and sure using the addon. :) Features:
  • Buttons (configurable, hideable & moveable) Bag, Money/Banker, Ammo, Mail, DPS/Durability, Exp/TP, Classes/Lvl, Friendlist, Guildlist, Performance/Afk, Clock/Date/onlineTimer
  • embedded ConfigurationMenu (to adjust many options)
  • XFrames (let´s u move several Frames)
  • MainMenu replacement
  • AntiSpam Function (use lower case for all letters!)
  • AFK Mode / AutoAFK
So u like the addon? Please honor the work and vote for it. ;)


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