• Include AFK and DND mode.
  • Send message to channels when you change AFK status (AFK/DND/Normal).
    • You can set any message for send.
  • Record message when find keyword in channels.
    • You can set any keyword for record.
  • Record all whisper message when AFK/DND.
  • Auto reply when someone whisper to you and you AFK/DND.
  • A clock timer to auto enable AFK.
  • Auto enable AFK if your mouse didn't hover units after the seconds which you set.
  • Support XBar Addon Management.
    • If you didn't install XBar you can also use it.

Extra Usage

After you eanble XAFK, it also can be a chat moniter, so that you can record messages which with keyword (ex. a equip you want, LFG, WTS, WTB...).

Slash Command

  • /xafk - Start AFK
  • /xdnd - Start DND
  • /xgui - Open GUI.


  • Original Code - nigroangelus.
  • Suggest and Test - Omnibrain.

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