This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Runes of Magic. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Ultimate Buff Bars


Ultimate Buff Bars is inspired and a rework of many previous buff bar addons. Much thanks to all the authors of adBuffBars, StatusBars, and BuffFrames for insights and code snippets. I ask an authors that want to help with this addon to message me to make this the end all be all of buff bars.

Currently looking for help making a clean and easy to use config window.


Supported Units:

  • player
  • target
  • targettarget
  • targettargettarget
  • pet
  • party
  • focus

Current Features:

  • all settings are unique for each unitid type (player, target, party, etc.)
  • separate or combined buff/debuff bars
  • ability to arrange combined by buffs or debuffs first or intermix them
  • ability to choose a bar texture of your choice
  • ability to sort buffs/debuffs in ascending, descending or default index order
  • Icons can be hidden, right side, left side, or alternate back and forth at double size
  • optional icon highlight that matches the bar color for non generic types
  • bars can be color color based on buff/debuff type
  • all color types can be enabled/disabled and change the color to your liking
  • you can adjust the width and scale of the bars
  • you can have the bars grow downwards or upwards
  • you can set a max time and only show buffs/debuffs with duration less then your max time
  • you can have buffs flash when they get less then a certain time remaining
  • set the max number of bars to display per set


  • Make a config interface to change all the options. currently i am just manually editing settings and running scripts to apply the changes
  • Release it already


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