Perylous Action Bars

Perylous Action Bars

A simple add-on to allow scaling and context opacity of the Runes of Magic action bars. Perfect for use by those who enjoy creating minimalist UIs.

Sorry for the long delay in updating this. I've mostly left the add-on development scene, and it is difficult to find the time to update. Anyway, this is now the full 1.0 version.

Game Version

Verified to work with Runes of Magic client version


  • Allows scaling of all four action bars, as well as the pet bar.
  • Opacity setting for the action bars
  • Change opacity of action bars based on various selectable in-game contexts.
  • Can fade opacity over time.
  • Localization support (see inside the locales folder for details)
  • Ability to show or hide the pet bar's border frame
  • Ability to shift-drag action bar buttons if action bars are locked. They act normally if unlocked.
  • AddonManager support
  • Ability to suppress action bar tooltips per bar (thanks to skitey for idea)
  • Ability to hide the action bar drag anchors
  • Show/hide action bar button hot keys per bar
  • Show/hide action bar button names per bar

Opacity contexts

  • Mouse over action bars (affects all bars, or individually)
  • In combat
  • In a party or raid
  • When targeting
  • When spell casting
  • When a debuff is applied.

Upcoming Features

  • Selectable user profiles. Currently, though it saves settings per-character per-realm, there is no way to select a different profile.
  • Localization files for other languages. Need folk who can translate to various languages for that. If interested, make a localization file and send it to me.

Known Issues

  • When the action bar button names are shown, and an opacity less than one is used, the ellipses (...) that can show on the text does not have the opacity value applied to it. There is no fix for this issue as the ellipses are handled directly by the game engine.

Reporting Bugs

Please report bugs via the Curse Forge ticket system for this project (you can find it here)


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