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    Sep 4, 2015
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  • 5.0.9


Maciej Gryniuk:
    - Spanish localization updated by Sathariel (Ridire).
odie2 (Rycerzodie):
    - - restored old, good icons;
    - texts "Elite" and "Boss" in selected language;
    - feature "chance to critical hit" repaired (there are a magic, range and melee attacks);
    - new feature "relation" to tooltips - this will shown you, if mouseover target is friendly (you and target can not fight)/neutral (can attack you, but you must start fight)/aggressive (can start attack you)
    - colors for all mana and skill types;
    - ThreatMeter is now default off (Ticket 161);
    - QuestTracker positioning fix for ZZInfoBar (Ticket 162, thanks to Noguai);
    - added 70+ level mats;
    - if setting "Show Cast Time" is true, time is at top, name at default position (on bar);
    - new skin for ThreatMeter;
    - support for Inventory Viewer repaired;
    - more languages by user default;