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Since the August 2010 patch to version 3.03 there are huge problems with certain addons. When you are using an older addon that has not been updated since that patch, you may encounter problems with every addon you have installed! But there is a solution. Install one of the following addons (not both). They provide a workaround for all addons.


Seit Frogsters letztem Patch auf Version 3.03 sind schwerwiegende Probleme mit vielen Addons aufgetreten. Ich habe diese in meinen Addons bereits gelöst, aber falls du noch Ältere benutzt, die diesen Bug nicht behoben haben, können Probleme mit all deinen installierten Addons auftreten, auch mit Lootomatic! Dafür gibt es jedoch eine Lösung. Installiere eines der folgenden Addons, diese bieten eine Hintertür, um auch ältere Addons wieder zum Laufen zu bringen. (Thx PetraAreon for allowing me to copy this notice)



When you get a critical error, all the settings of ntBuff will be lost. You may want to back up SaveVariables.lua so that you can restore those settings. If you update the addon or client, please type /ntb to check whether your settings are okay.


Wenn Sie einen kritischen Fehler erhalten, werden alle Einstellungen des ntBuff verloren. Sie können eine Sicherungskopie erstellen möchten SaveVariables.lua, so dass Sie diese Einstellungen wiederherstellen. Wenn Sie das Addon aktualisieren oder Client, geben Sie bitte /ntb zu überprüfen, ob Ihre Einstellungen in Ordnung sind.


ntBuff is an updated version of the older addon nBuff created by Noktrin, and nuBuff by Roukard. ntBuff is an addon that automatically checks your buffs, health and mana. The player's action such as mouse movement or key stroke triggers the addon to cast buffs, cast heals, use potions or even start macros, according to your configuration and your current status. The addon will keep track if you are in combat, casting, mounted, or in your house. You can fully configure up to 17 hp potions and 29 mana potions, as well as 12 self-buffs to keep up, when to cast your healing spells, when to use an hp potion, and when to use a mana potion. ntBuff is fully compatible with the latest clients. Auto-buff mode can be automatically inactivated while in party. ntBuff supports AddonManager, and can support multiple languages. Currently, it supports EN, JP, DE, ES, TW and RU. Collaborators for translating into other languages are welcome.

What's new in ver 1.30

The patch 3.0.0 disabled timer-based triggering for auto-buff/pot/macro. This would be the dev's policy not to allow afk-automation. In this version, therefore, three categories of the player's action are used as the trigger: mouse movement, character movement and skill use. Please use the GUI window for its setting.

Trigger Configuration

Mouse movement

Simply moving mouse in the window can be used as the trigger. Click or holding down the mouse button already has functions, so only movement without mouse button manipulation is used as the trigger. The "sensitivity" number means the minimal distance to fire the trigger. If you make it too sensitive, your right clicking or the mouse dragging with the right button down could be ignored by the client. The response time of the addon language is not very high, so that too rapid mouse movement might not be recognized as the triggering cue.

Character movement

Your character's movement or the stop of the movement, such as pushing down "W" key or releasing "W" key (default), is used as the trigger. Move forward/backward/right/left, turn right/left and jump are used as the trigger, as well as target nearest enemy/friend and sheath/show weapon. With this trigger, you might sometimes get an alert message when the addon tries to cast a buff when you start moving. In most cases, the same buff will be re-casted when you stop moving, but you can simply turn off this function from the GUI window.

Skill use

You can trigger auto buff/pot before your skill usage. You can set up to 15 ( or simply all) action bar slots as the trigger. Every time you use that slot, ntBuff first checks buff/pot stats, and then uses the skill/item/macro registered in the slot. This option is most suitable to player classes that spam attack skills during the combat.

"LED" indicator

A small green/magenta indicator is added near the center of the mini button. Green means waiting for the trigger. Magenta means busy. Turning from green to magenta means a trigger was fired. You can thus use this monitor for the fine tuning of the triggering condition.

Other features

Please refer to the old description page for the features succeeded from the previous version.

Change Log

  • Ver 1.35 Fixed issues with housekeeper's lucky potion.
  • Ver 1.34 Added os.time and os.difftime support when other "fix" addon is not loaded.
  • Ver 1.33 Fixed the compatibility issue with Lootomatic ver 1.00.
  • Ver 1.32 Fixed issues of auto-attack/shot. Improved response of mouse trigger.
  • Ver 1.31 Fixed issues in the first use. (Initialization of tables etc)
  • Ver 1.30b Public beta test version.
  • Ver 1.30a Closed alpha test. Fix for patch 3.0.0
  • Ver 1.21 Macro support. Fix for addon manager issue. Fix for auto equipment change function.
  • Ver 1.20 Advanced garbage collection (thx Yamabuki)
  • Ver 1.19 Adv pot, Auto equipment change.
  • Ver 1.18 Experimental fix for garbage collection issue.
  • Ver 1.17 Check for non-spell casting, TW suport (thx machihchung)
  • Ver 1.15 Control/status button, buff remaining time check, bug fix on mana pot use
  • Ver 1.10 5 pot/12 buff support, Alert mode, HP priority mode, bug fixes (evasion buff, guild castle, pot/food count, typos)
  • Ver 1.05 Command line interface, DE support.
  • Ver 1.04 Fix auto-pot issues in patch 1938.
  • Ver 1.02 Fix for issues on mount/hide check in non-EN and non-JP clients.
  • Ver 1.01 Minor bug fix for non-EN and non-JP clients.
    • Experimental ES (Spanish) support (thx Tarlkabot).
  • Ver 1.00 First International Beta Release.
    • Configuration GUI for the timing constants to allow best performance.
    • Party mode
    • PvE mode
  • Ver 0.95 (aka nuBuff-TBD 1.10) Bug fix.
    • Fixed mis use of pot/buff during after loading and resurrection.
  • Ver 0.92 (aka nuBuff 1.0.2JP) Contribution by Dinalisa.
    • Multi-language support.
    • AddonManager support.
  • Ver 0.91 (aka nuBuff-TBD 1.01) Bug fix. Test release in JP server.
    • Fixed timing issues to use pot and buff.
    • Fixed targeting issues before/after buff.
  • Ver 0.90 (aka nuBuff-TBD 1.00) JP localization of nuBuff. Test release in JP server.


  • Noktrin for the development of nBuff, and ZsZso for the development of its archetype, "StayAlive".
  • Roukard for the development of nuBuff, and allowance to this project.
  • Dinalisa for the localization for the Japanese client, the AddonManager support, and many suggestions.
  • My friends in Teal server (JP) and Macantacht server (EUEN) for testing and supports.
  • Tarlkabot, Adurin, machihchung for the localization for the Spanish, German and traditional Chinese client.
  • ThrillPhil for request of command line interface.
  • SpaceMonky for the idea of LED indicator.
  • masa, SpaceMonky and more than 20 alpha testers from all over the world for the vigorous testing, lively discussions, and warm supports for the "fix" for the patch 3.0.0.
  • tasquer for Russian translation.

Hope you enjoy!


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