Lootomatic V1.4e


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    Dec 11, 2012
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Supported Game Versions

  • 5.0.1


  • v1.4e
    Fix an issus the char spezific Filter didn't work right (I hope it worked now) Fix Item List now all Item should be displayed Improved Backup Systeme
  • v1.4d
    Fix an issus with the itemfilter
  • v1.4c
    Hotfix for a ui xml error
  • v1.4b
    fixed a bug with the links Add language Support
  • v1.4a
    2 new Button for Backup Managment greatly improves speed should be less fps legs now
  • v1.3c
    Edit some major bug in the code, some funktion may didn't work correctly through It.
  • v1.3
    Altering the save Point again to Global
    Now you have a Auto-Backup that save the data per char SaveVariables.lua
    You can it switch on/off in the config settings Default:On
    Cross-seaching and editing now avaible over the boarder of the aktive chars
    The Owner of the Item will now be displayed in() you can use this with typing (otherCharName)
    An on/off Switch is also avaible in the config settings Default:off
    Polish Langugae support is now avaible

  • v1.2
    Change the maximum amount of amo that count as an Item (now 200)
    Change the maximum amount of Items that can dismiss at once (now 20)
    Altered the the save point of the Data from the Add-on because the global SaveVariables.lua crash too often
    It will be now saved peer char.

  • v1.1
    Fixed a bug with unregistering Events. Seems to be an error, when unregistering an event for one frame, as this event is then unregistered from EVERY frame. Well, I guess there really is a lot of Magic in Runes of Magic.

  • v1.0, removed due to major problems
    Importing old settings, when new version is detected
    Fixed bug when searching bag for trashitems
    Fixed bug with table of chatmessages to block
    Added button in Droptab that removes items from the Itemfilter
    Fixed option that hides rollresults in chatframe
    Enhanced rollresults to new displaystyle: Item - Player - Rollresult
    Enhanced rollresultsettings for individual display of need/greed/pass
    Added feature that automatically deactivates Ingame-Autolooting
    Renewed all localfiles
    All frames are now fading

  • v0.6c
    Updated TW locales
    fixed a bug in ACCS Library

  • v0.6b
    Fixed bugs that came with patch 3.0.3
    updated Sol to v1.34
    redid chatframe settings to new tab in the chatchannelsettings

  • v0.6a
    added languages: Japanese, Taiwanese
    added support for addons: yBag, FlieBag
    added a verification, if "You obtained XYZ" Textstring is defined in your languages localefiles. If not, trigger only based on event, not content of chatmessage (That caused the bug of not dropping items on certain languages of the gameclient)
    added DropTab Window to Lootomatic's Minimapbutton (only when dragging an item)
    added DropTab Window to Itemlink-Rightclick in the chat

  • v0.6
    added Lootomatic DropTab for easy adding items to the Itemfilter.
    added support for itemtype-detection
    added support for keywords
    added possibility to change rollsettings, when not in a party
    added support for lootmaster
    added support for channelsettings to display systemmessages from Lootomatic
    added support for Addon "AddonConfig" by FlieWatuet

  • v0.5
    Replaced the "Delete-Questitem-Confirmation"-Dialogue with the normal one. That was really annoying
    Fixed the dropping of questitems via Itemfilter
    Changed behaviour of rollframes, also mark the selected function before rolling

  • v0.4b
    added support for vietnamese clients!

  • v0.4a
    added support for japanese clients! (thats so wicked to receive fanmail from japan! Thanks guys!)

  • v0.4
    fixed the bug with the latest patch and lootdistribution "free for all".
    added feature to hide rollresults for certain itemrarities from the chat.

  • v0.3
    characterspecific entries in the ItemFilter.
    Quickoptions to add entries into the Itemfilter directly in the Rollframes.
    Possibility, to change the location of the Rollframes.
    Configurationwindow to setup all this basic-stuff.
    Optimized scaling of the itemFilter.
    Optimized looting and closing the bootyframe.

  • v0.2
    Disable AutoLoot by holding the shift-key.
    Option for disabling AutoLoot when looting bossmonsters.
    Bootyframe gets centered around the mousecursor.
    Bootyframe gets closed automatically, when only "don't Loot" items are left.
    Enter Itemnames in ItemFilter by Shiftclicking the item in the bag.
    Enter Itemnames in ItemFilter by dragging an item into the Itemfilter.
    ItemFilter Frame can be resized for up to 30 lines.
    Entries in the ItemFilter get highlighted, when moving the cursor across them.

  • v0.1
    initial release