This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Runes of Magic. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

HateList - v2.8

HateList is a threat monitor that uses a unique-to-raid (or to-party) private channel to communicate with other players (using HateList) in the same party/raid to maximize updating speed, as a single client can only poll for the hatelist of a monster once per 2 seconds, that is the maximum update speed that a non-communicating addon can achieve. With HateList, that 2 second barrier can be broken.

You will see the top 5 of the hatelist of the monster you are currently targeting (or your target is targeting, if you are targeting a player) and your bar will be shown green if you are in the top 5.

In Action Values can also be set to be shown as real threat or relative to player threat instead of percentage values (click on HateList to rotate between them)

Slash Commands: '/hl' -disables/enables hatelist altogether

'/hl drag' -toggles dragging

Known Problems

If you use ReloadUI(), it is not guaranteed that the private channels you are in will show up in the list of private channels and if they don't you will not be able to create, join,leave or send messages to them. If this happens (you will notice as HateList will keep trying to get to the channel and you will see the fail messages), it can sometimes be fixed by doing another ReloadUI(), if another one does not fix it, you will have to relog with your character (returning to character selection is fine).

There is absolutely nothing that can be done to fix this problem, as it is an innate bug that is caused by ReloadUI(). The developers did not mean ReloadUI() to be used by the players to reload their game, but rather as a debug tool, and as such, any problems caused by doing a ReloadUI() will not be fixed by the developers, because you should not be using that command anyway.

If you are going to use ReloadUI(), leave the hatelist channel manually before doing so to avoid problems and even then, if HateList stops functioning properly, you will need to restart the game to fix the problem. When you notice a bug, first try restarting before reporting it, because I cannot do anything about the bugs related to ReloadUI(), the devs already said it: Using ReloadUI() is not supported, you use it at your own risk.


Special thanks to Paracelsus for helping to perfect the message system.


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