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  • change: moved all filter commands to the locale files
  • change: added the words filter and reset to the locale files
  • change: replaced many hardcoded system strings with the correct system variable for great locale support
  • add: enabled the $bargain command that was mostly finished by Graves. $bargain allows you to search for items that can be sold to a vendor for profit. Use Filter1 = $bargain, Filter2 = minimum profit from bid items (optional), Filter3 = maximum time in minutes for bid items (optional)
  • change: all files are now encoded in UTF8 without BOM for better locale support
  • change: increased the size of all money input boxes to have better support for large numbers. Shifted a few things to make room for the increased size
  • change: shifted the Price/Unit column to allow for larger numbers. reduced the phrase " Buyout Price:" in the Price column to just "Buyout" to allow for the needed space
  • change: gold and diamond long term history is no longer saved, just the past 10 auctions to allow for a more fluid exchange rate section
  • change: reworked the exchange rate to display diamond to gold and gold to diamond values. these values are from the buyers point of view
  • change: reworked the whole bottom panel to have fluid placement based on size of the values. changed the size and position slightly of many buttons
  • fix: the location of the close button has been centered to the correct location
  • add: Luna has been added as an optional dependency to support an in game new version notification
    NOTE: much of the locale has to be reverified. because of this, I am marking this as a Beta. English users can consider this a full release


  • add: Taiwanese translation by rfv1122
  • fix: dura matching should work on all locales now (Needs testing to verify) - Mavoc


  • add: Russian translation by SilverWF
  • add: you can now add a number after $DURA to search for items with at least that amount of dura - Mavoc


  • add: Spanish translation by Darwen of LoresOscuros Guild, Sciath Spain Server.
  • fix: unsupported locales will use English by default - Mavoc


  • fix: mousing over the preview in the craft frame will no longer cause errors - Mavoc


  • fix: searching for gold/diamond auctions produced errors after chapter II patch
  • add: french localization added (thx to Ex_Tempus)


  • add: price/unit field now works for money auctions
  • add: when submitting a money-auction the input fields will not be cleared so you can submit several auctions with the same prices one after another
  • add: new special filter $dura which will filter for items with durability > 100 (thx to zilvermoon for basic code)
  • fix: now using getLanguage instead of getLocation to determine client language
  • fix: corrected functionality of $single, $double and $trible special filters. now only stats that actually occupy a stat-slot are counted. stats from plussing the item or that are initially on the item (stamina on black set) are not counted anymore


  • fix: adjusted addon to the new auctionhouse diamond policy


  • fix: on machines with slow connection some results were omitted (thx to tobs12)
  • add: its now possible to search for items with 1, 2 or 3 green stats


  • fix: auction duration was not changeable
  • fix: auto selecting last sell mode (money/diamonds) was not working as intended


  • add: price history is saved for more than 10 items. data is automatically acquired in the background while browsing the ah (only items included in your search will be scanned)
  • add: price history tooltips are shown in numerous locations including bag, bank, craftframe, chat hyperlinks, auctionhouse, inventory viewer frame (if you use that addon) by default price history tooltip is only shown if you are holding down the ALT-key while the item tooltip is opened. you can change this behaviour with the command /aa pricehistory. this will toggle always display price history on and off (this setting is saved and restored in next session)
  • add: price coloring based on deviation from average price (green = cheaper than average, red = above average)
  • add: dynamic decimal places for ppu values so numbers are always readable and have as many decimal places as necessary
  • add: current diamond->gold exchange rate is always displayed in the bottom left of the auctionframe for easier price conversions
  • add: last prices are now stored separately for gold and diamond sales
  • add: you can now use tab-key to cycle through input boxes on browse and create auction frames. shift-tab will cycle to the previous input box
  • add: addon now saves various settings including the last selected auction duration, selected autoprice mode, last used sellmode (gold or diamond), custom formula and undercut and restores those settings on the next game launch (settings are only saved if the client is shut properly, when client crashes data will be lost).
  • change: removed the price per unit checkbox. instead there are now 4 input boxes. two for bid and 2 for buyout where one of those represents the total amount and the other the price per unit. whenever you change one of the fields the other will be updated accordingly, for example when you are creating an auction for 10 harpy claws and you change the bid price per unit from 900 to 1000 the total price will be updated from 9000 to 10000.
  • add slash-commands to remove single items from the pricehistory or to completely reset the pricehistory. if you type /aa you will get a list of commands.
  • fix: completely revamped autoprice feature.
  • fix: several bugfixes for reported and even some none reported errors


  • add: new custom filters $GREEN and $YELLOW to be able to filter for items that have at least 1 stat of the color or no stat of the color if the filter is inverted with !
  • fix: automatic update with curse client should work again
  • fix: price/unit on auctions that are paid with diamonds is now displayed as decimal number with 6 decimal places if the price/unit is between 0 and 1
  • fix: min, max and avg price are displayed as decimal number with 6 decimal places for gold-diamond trades
  • fix: sorting of items that have a price/unit between 0 and 1
  • fix: sorting by price per unit on diamond-money auctions
  • fix: prices in diamonds are ignored when calculating min/max/avg price, except for gold-diamond auctions


  • add: support for putting up items for diamonds instead of gold
  • add: support for gold-diamond auctions
  • add: experimental price/unit for gold-diamond auctions on browse, bid and history frames
  • add: item icons for gold/diamonds now show the amount (will be * if number is too large to display in icon)


  • add: support for curse-client.
  • fix: other tooltips don't get blanked anymore when filtering is in progress
  • fix: improved filter speed by 20%
  • fix: using addons that alter game tooltips no longer cause problems while filtering


  • auctionframe.lua
  • auctionframe.xml
  • staticpopup.lua


  • add: search results are now displayed on a single page
  • add: reworked column widths on all auctionhouse lists
  • add: filter phrases can now be inverted with ! in front
  • add: sortmarkers on lists to see what list is sorted by
  • add: support for addon manager
  • add: custom autoprice formula
  • add: sorting by price/unit
  • add: sorting by buyout or bid
  • add: descriptive tooltips for all advanced auctionhouse elements
  • fix: - now works in filter phrases
  • fix: sorting by status now works (doesn't work with original client)
  • fix: sorting by buyer now works (doesn't work with original client)


  • add: filters can now be changed on the fly
  • add: preloading of pages
  • fix: impossible autoprice values (bid = 0, buyout > bid, ...)
  • fix: if price/unit is < 1 then now it displays "< 1" instead of "0"


  • fix: the builtin auctionhouse search was broken with 0.5 this is fixed now


  • add: reset button on the browse tab to reset all filter inputs
  • add: ability to filter browse results with up to 3 filter phrases that can be connected with and/or
  • add: label displaying info on browsetab on how many results where found on how many tables
  • add: display between next page and previous page buttons displaying the current page and the total pages
  • add: autoprice dropdown and optional price undercut on create auction tab.


  • fixed: support for client version 1812


  • added: more accurate display of remaining time, this applies for all 3 tabs in auction window
  • added: extra button in create auction tab to indicate that the entered bid/buyout values are per unit. when creating the auction the addon will automatically multiply the entered values with the stacksize if the "per unit" option is checked
  • added: auction bid/buyout price history. the addon now will remember your last bid/buyout values for all auctioned items. if you put an item of the same type into the auction window next time the addon will automatically fill in the stored bid/buyout values


  • fixed: messed up sorting by price in auction browse list
  • added: additional display of min/max/average price per unit in history frame


  • initial version