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Temeraire Config

Temeraire v2.07



  • Temeraire is an easy-to-use and handy Auto-Invite and Raid-Managing AddOn.
  • You can Set up multiple keywords and channel, in which this AddOn should search for the specified keywords.
  • If a player posts this keyword in the channel, he will be invitet into the raid/party if he is not on a user-defined blacklist.
  • But thats not all.. check the Features and Screenshots to see how powerful this AddOn really is!


  • Configuration Panel
    • Accessable by MinimapButton or
    • via Slashcommand (see below)
  • Keyword-Groups
    • up to a total of 32 Keyword-Groups is supported atm
    • up to 10 Keywords per Group
      • each keyword can be activated independently
      • each keyword can be stated as "standalone" to prevent "ant" to be found in "want"
      • keywords are case-insensitive!
    • supported Channel:
      • Guild
      • Zone
      • Say
      • Whisper
      • Global
      • Custom Channel (with Number)
    • each group can have a unique name
    • each group can be activated independently
    • groups can be deleted with one click
    • groups are saved for all characters
  • Enabling/Disabling the Addon
    • with slashcommand /tai off or /tai on
    • in the configuration menu
    • displays a notification whether its activated or deactivated
  • Timestamps
    • enable/disable in the config menu
  • display original message containing the keyword
    • enable/disable in the config menu
  • Automatic Whisper to the invited Person, informing him/her why she/he got invited
  • EasyAssist: Assist all Raidmembers with just one single click
  • EasyUnAssist: UnAssist all Raidmembers with just one single click
  • AutoAssist: Automatically Assist every Raidmember on join
  • AutoGuildAssist: Automatically Assist every Guildmember above a specified rank on join
  • MaxRaidSize: specify a maximum raidsize
  • AutoKickOffline after 10 Minutes
  • KickOffline: one click - no offline left in raid
  • Blacklist
    • Blacklisted Player wont be invited into raid!
    • saves a note for each blacklisted player
    • saves the time, when the player has been added
    • saves up to 32 Players atm
  • Invitation Queue when Raid is full
    • can be enabled/disabled
    • adds player to the queue automatically
    • GUI to manage the current queue
      • move player up or down in the queue
      • drop player manually
    • enqueued player can retrieve their current position via whisper
    • enqueued player can remove themself from the queue
    • ClearQueue to completly clear the queue


  • Commands
    • /temeraire
    • /Temeraire
    • /tai
  • Arguments
    • enable/on to enable
    • disable/off to disable
    • general to view the general Page
    • raid to view the raid Page
    • blacklist to view the blacklist page
    • queue to view the queue page
    • keywords to view the keywords page
    • or without any arguments to enter config menu directly (e.g. /tai)


Unzip the attached archive file and copy the folder "Temeraire" to "Runes of Magic\Interface\AddOns". If those folders are missing or have another name, create or rename them so their name fit exactly.

After starting the game, the message "Temeraire loaded" should appear in the default chat frame.


Please remove all files of the old version before installing the new version! Otherwise you might experience some strange errors.


To enter the Configuration menu, please click on the minimap button or type one of the Slashcommands.

Bugs / Problems

Please report bugs and problems only through the ticket system on curseforge.com and not in the comments. Repeated posting of bugs and/or problems in the comments will result in disabling the comments

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  • Avatar of Sl4ker Sl4ker Mar 17, 2009 at 09:27 UTC - 0 likes

    did you add KEYWORDS or just a new GROUP ? look closely at the screenshot in the description, there is a scrollbar :-)

    GUI will be changed a bit with next version, so its easier to see and understand

    There aren't any incompatible AddOns I know of at the moment :-) so you have just forgot something

  • Avatar of uq1 uq1 Mar 17, 2009 at 08:43 UTC - 0 likes

    Installed the addon, enabled it, added keywords, started a raid... nothing.. what is going on? Is this incompatible with pbinfo or qunitframes?

  • Avatar of darkfayte darkfayte Feb 24, 2009 at 18:43 UTC - 0 likes

    hmmm just read that you are an EU dev ... well i guess i can jsut pikup the project and add features and stuff .. its a working addon .. no big deal to me

  • Avatar of darkfayte darkfayte Feb 24, 2009 at 18:23 UTC - 0 likes

    a nice thing to add would be a "blacklist" type deal. I know in the ants daily some people have been "blacklisted" due to sitting around waiting on blue items to drop and rolling need just to sell the items. A direct input of the name (or shift + click) could add them to black list and those people would be ignored when they say keywords .. or an auto responce like "/whisper <name> You have been black listed for <reasons>"


New/Improved Features in Temeraire 3.0

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