Pet Auto Event

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Pet Auto Event


A Pet Event hidden timer starts when you summon your pet, when you change zones that forces the pet summoned dialog to appear, or after a PEt Event gets triggered. The server-side timer is random between 1-3 hours in increments of 10 minutes (ie. 60,70,80,90,... minutes). Sadly there is no way to predict the next event due to the inability to read this server-side timer. All events will timeout after 5 minutes. This addon will allow you to select the rewards you want from the Pet Events and it will auto reply whenever a Pet Event happens.

All Pet Events can be grouped into one of 4 groups based on the set of rewards you get for answering them.
Group 1:

  1. +0.05 Strength
  2. +0.05 Dexterity
  3. +0.05 Stamina

Group 2:

  1. +0.05 Intelligence
  2. +0.05 Wisdom
  3. +0.01 Aptitude

Group 3:

  1. + 1 Loyalty
  2. +10 Nourishment
  3. +10 Training

Group 4:

  1. +50 Experience
  2. +5 Talent Points
  3. Gift from your pet (Gasha like item that opens to give you a random pet based item)


use /pae to configure, follow the prompts for a simple setup. This addon is very simple and basic so it will not be getting, nor does it need, a GUI config screen. All settings are save unique per character.

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  • Avatar of Mavoc Mavoc Jan 18, 2011 at 01:05 UTC - 0 likes

    the group number isn't for the pet, it is for the types of events. All pets have access to all events.

    There are 30 events and they can be broken into 4 groups. All events in group one yield the same bonuses for the same answer choice (ie group 4 answer 3 gives you an item, from memory might have the numbers wrong)

    /pae is correct, i fixed the typo, thanks for pointing it out

  • Avatar of HuBu731 HuBu731 Jan 18, 2011 at 00:18 UTC - 0 likes

    Hello, your description says '/pac' to configure while the code in the lua says '/pae'. How do you find out what group number your pet is?



    after setting up the options for the groups. Event worked. I have Screen shot showing the chat box msg if you want. GJ Mavoc.

    Last edited Jan 18, 2011 by HuBu731


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