Old Description

Type /ntb to access configuration.

Please remember to reconfigure your setting after update.


ntBuff is an updated version of the older addon nBuff created by Noktrin, and nuBuff by Roukard. ntBuff is an addon that automatically casts buffs, casts heals, and uses potions on a single player. The addon will keep track if you are in combat, casting, mounted, or in your house. You can fully configure up to 5 hp potions and 5 mana potions, as well as 12 self-buffs to keep up, when to cast your healing spells, when to use an hp potion, and when to use a mp potion. ntBuff is fully compatible with the latest clients. Auto-buff mode can be automatically inactivated while in party. ntBuff supports AddonManager, and can support multiple languages. Currently, it supports EN, JP, DE, ES and TW. Collaborators for translating into other languages are welcome.


All the features of the original nBuff are reproduced, with additional features.

New Features

Fully compatible with the latest client patch (Apr 6, 2010)
The auto-buff and auto-pot functionalities are faithfully reproduced as the original nBuff in the older clients. The events to be hooked are carefully selected for smoother game play.
Macro support in adv pot tabs (new in ver 1.21)
ntBuff supports the usage of macro to enable a series of actions before and/or after some specific buff/pot/skills.
  1. Make the macro as you like.
  2. Please be sure to name the macro with the exactly same name as the name of the main buff that you want to keep.
  3. Set the macro to the action bar slot.
  4. Register that slot in the advanced pot tab. If you want to use the buff regardless of your HP (or MP, SP), set 999 in %HP (or MP, SP) section. Check combat/alert/resting as you like, and leave O/W unchecked.
Three modes of garbage collection for smoother game play (new in ver 1.20)
GUI config window allows you to optimize GC for your own environment.
  1. Incremental GC, the default GC of the client.
  2. Step GC. Force several cycles of incremental GC intermittently. (thx Yamabuki)
  3. Full GC. Force full GC cycle when memory usage exceeds the threshold.
Advanced auto-potion (new in ver 1.19)
  • You can now set 12 potions or skills for HP (health), MP (mana or skill point for the primary class) and SP (mana or skill point for the secondary class), respectively.
  • You can now choose when to use each potion. For example, use Philius pot only during combat.
  • You can now set regeneration type skills or potions. By default, they are not overwritten when their effect remains, but you can force overwrite by checking in the box "O/W".
Automatic equipment exchange (new in ver 1.19)
ntBuff can automatically exchange equipment set according to the current health, so that you can save your hammered equipment from death penalty.
Control button with status indicators (new in ver 1.15)
This button also serves as the status indicator. The left half shows the player's status, and the right half shows the ntBuff's status. This window control button allows you quick manipulation of the ntBuff functions. You can change the position of this button by shift+left click, and you can hide this button from the configuration window.
  • Left click = start alert mode
  • Right click = turn on/off ntBuff
  • Shift + right click = open configuration window
Checks the remaining duration of the buff for rebuff (new in ver 1.15)
If the remaining duration is shorter than twice of the check interval, ntBuff tries to rebuff.
Supports 5 hp pots, 5 mana pots and 12 buffs (new in ver 1.10)
Three function modes for precise buff control (new in ver 1.10)
ntBuff now keep track whether your are in the midst of combat, in the alert state after combat, or in the resting. (Sorry I found a small technical difficulty in foreseeing the combat in near future) You can configure which buff to be re-casted in which state. Now your combat will not be interrupted with the casting of auto-buff. You can also configure the interval for the auto-buff/pot check for each state.
HP priority mode (new in ver 1.10)
You can automatically turn off auto mana pot only while your HP is low.
Checks remaining number of pots/foods (new in ver 1.10)
ntBuff now check the remaining number of pots or foods before use. which prevents the annoying error messages and lag when pots/foods are run out.
Checks the presence of evasion buff before casting quickness aura (new in ver 1.10)
Improved performance (new in ver 1.10)
Most of the core codes are re-written. Event handlers are minimized for better performance.
Command line interface (new in ver 1.05)
You can now control ntBuff from your own macro. Type /ntb help for the list of commands. Thx ThrillPhil for this request. Command line reference
Multi-lingual support
All the functionalities including the GUI and the mount names are separated into a locale file for easier localization. Currently, EN, JP, ES and DE locale files are provided (thx Dinalisa, Tarlkabot, Adurin for JP, ES and DE translation). Collaborators for translating into other languages are welcome.
Party mode
You can select the "party mode" in the GUI menu. In party mode, the auto-buff functionalities are automatically inactivated only while you are in party. In conventional mode, all the functionalities work as the original nBuff.
PvE mode
You can select the PvE mode, in which auto-pot and auto-buff functionalities are automatically turn off while you are in Obsidian or Varanas. (thx Dinalisa for this functionality)
AddonManager support
You can open the configuration GUI window from the AddonManager addon.

Original Features of nBuff


  • Select up to 8 buffs to be used
  • Enable/disable for each without deleting settings
  • Checks if the buff is present on the player before casting
  • Checks each cool down and if there is enough mana to cast it
  • Checks if player is in combat, does not use buffs that are not allowed to be used in combat.
  • Checks if player is mounted, does not use buffs that are not allowed to be used in combat.
  • Ability to set combat buffs:
    • These are allowed to be cast during combat.
    • They will keep being applied for 15 sec after combat activity stops being detected


  • Normal Healing:
    • Select up to 2 spells
    • The addon will not use these if mounted or in the middle of casting something.
    • Ability to set a health percent for the spells to be used once the player health falls below it.
    • If a spell such as regenerate, it will only cast it again once it expires
    • If a spell such a heal, it will keep casting until health is above minimum set.
  • Critical Healing:
    • Select one spell to be used once health reaches a critical point
    • Select the percent HP to be used under
    • This spell will not be cast while mounted
    • Ignores if player is casting a spell
    • Select one potion to be used and the hp% to be used at
    • A warning displaying health appears on the screen

Auto Potion

  • Select 2 healing potions and 2 Mana potions and set when they should be used.
  • Will not be used while mounted
  • Checks the cool downs for pots before trying to use them


  • Most of the behavior can be customized
  • Settings are saved for each character and for each class of the character

Change Log

  • Ver 1.21 Macro support. Fix for addon manager issue. Fix for auto equipment change function.
  • Ver 1.20 Advanced garbage collection (thx Yamabuki)
  • Ver 1.19 Adv pot, Auto equipment change.
  • Ver 1.18 Experimental fix for garbage collection issue.
  • Ver 1.17 Check for non-spell casting, TW suport (thx machihchung)
  • Ver 1.15 Control/status button, buff remaining time check, bug fix on mana pot use
  • Ver 1.10 5 pot/12 buff support, Alert mode, HP priority mode, bug fixes (evasion buff, guild castle, pot/food count, typos)
  • Ver 1.05 Command line interface, DE support.
  • Ver 1.04 Fix auto-pot issues in patch 1938.
  • Ver 1.02 Fix for issues on mount/hide check in non-EN and non-JP clients.
  • Ver 1.01 Minor bug fix for non-EN and non-JP clients.
    • Experimental ES (Spanish) support (thx Tarlkabot).
  • Ver 1.00 First International Beta Release.
    • Configuration GUI for the timing constants to allow best performance.
    • Party mode
    • PvE mode
  • Ver 0.95 (aka nuBuff-TBD 1.10) Bug fix.
    • Fixed mis use of pot/buff during after loading and resurrection.
  • Ver 0.92 (aka nuBuff 1.0.2JP) Contribution by Dinalisa.
    • Multi-language support.
    • AddonManager support.
  • Ver 0.91 (aka nuBuff-TBD 1.01) Bug fix. Test release in JP server.
    • Fixed timing issues to use pot and buff.
    • Fixed targeting issues before/after buff.
  • Ver 0.90 (aka nuBuff-TBD 1.00) JP localization of nuBuff. Test release in JP server.


  • Noktrin for the development of nBuff, and ZsZso for the development of its archetype, "StayAlive".
  • Roukard for the development of nuBuff, and allowance to this project.
  • Dinalisa for the localization for the Japanese client, the AddonManager support, and many suggestions.
  • My friends in Teal server (JP) and Macantacht server (EUEN) for testing and supports.
  • Tarlkabot, Adurin, machihchung for the localization for the Spanish, German and traditional Chinese client.
  • ThrillPhil for request of command line interface.

Hope you enjoy!