Command Reference

/ntb help
Shows the list of commands.
Opens config window.
/ntb config
Opens config window (same as /ntb).
/ntb example
Shows some examples for commands.

The following commands are essentially same as the corresponding check box in the GUI config window. By using these commands, you can control on and off of each functionalities of ntBuff without opening GUI window. You can, for example, make a macro to switch instantly to the specialized set of buffs for some specific situations.

/ntb on
Enables ntBuff.
/ntb off
Disables ntBuff.
/ntb toggle
Toggles on/off of ntBuff.
/ntb hPot[1-5] on/off
Enables/disables auto use for HP pot 1-5. Example: /ntb hPot3 on
/ntb mPot[1-5] on/off
Enables/disables auto use for mana pot 1-5.
/ntb Buff[1-12] on/off
Enables/disables auto buff #[1-12]. Example: /ntb Buff2 off

The following commands manually trigger the auto pot or buff function. You can use this function to supplement the automatic triggering. You can also turn off the automatic triggering by the slider for the check interval. All pots or buffs conditions are checked by one call, but only one pot/buff is used/casted by the restriction of the client. If you want two buffs to be re-casted, you need to call it twice.

/ntb check Stats
Checks HP and MP, and use pot if necessary.
/ntb check Buff
Checks buff, and re-buff if necessary.

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Date created
Oct 30, 2009
Last updated
Nov 18, 2009