Change log



  • Added Manager button to change instance level
  • Added GrpSave list to minimap button menu
  • Added option to the Guild-Recrutor: Set only ranks of automaticly invited player
  • Added option to the Guild-Recrutor: Use the highest possible rank, if the "should-ranks" is too high

Fixed Bugs:

  • Fixed games crashes
  • Fixed search leader error message
  • Fixed version control
  • Fixed invites-decline control
  • Resets AutoShout time at manuel shouts
  • Fixed instance-level change at reload grp
  • Fixed auto accept/decline lists
  • Fixed auto accept/decline at honor group invites

Preview of 2.4:

  • Comeback of Page TS-Data
  • New Page: Desing, allow you to configurate the desing of the config frame
  • Option to (de-)activate pages ingame
  • Changeable ranks in know-list of the Guild-Recrutor
  • Groups of the auto invite function are linkable with the save/load/reload group functions
  • Split messages if needed


Fixed Bugs:

  • Fixed Minimap-Button position
  • Fixed Static-Popup-Dialogs



  • Rewrote code
  • Add EAB support (for EAB v3.00 or better)
  • Hide "Join Group"-window at AutoAccept/AutoDecline
  • Add GroupInviteEngine
  • Add a version-number for each page seperate
  • Add a Engine-version-number
  • Add Patch-System for stop errors while patching
  • Add support for new page-packs(downloadable at
  • Make a better "Seach Languages"-System
  • Add configurable time between the promotings to assists
  • Combine Unchanged and Ask for AFK into one function
  • Changed all tooltips into more helpful ones
  • Allow to send the PartyShout in more than one channel at the same time
  • Changed Shout desing to a shorter one, which allows to see the infomations faster
  • Changed maximum of keywords to 3(more wouldn't be able to show in the shout)
  • Allow to kick Groupmembers with help of GISS-Scripts(like the level-configuration)
  • Optimized math functions
  • Optimized HideMyWhisps and HideOtherWhisps
  • Allow locking of the Minimap button
  • Play the Invite-Sound when you get a invite-request
  • Delete Guildadvertisment-Preview because i hadn't found a functionally way for the right length
  • Add a lot of new slash-commands. Use "/gic ?" to see all
  • Automaticly deactivate Animations of the configuration window when you set the Update frequene higher than 0.3 secounds
  • Add AutoSave to the GroupSave page
  • New Page: Search new group leaders
  • Deactivate all AutoShout functions while you're set to AFK by one of the supported AFK-Addons
  • If a groupmember goes online he will be promoted to a assist if he was one before or AutoAssists is active
  • Save AutoAccept and AutoDecline global instead of saving for each group seperate
  • There's now a global and a group seperated block list
  • New Page: Guild-Recrutor, allows you to automaticly invite guild members by keywords
  • Save Guild-Recrutor and Guild-Advertisment/-News for each guild seperate
  • Automaticly deactivates AutoSend of Guild_advertisment if an other guild member already send a guild-advertisment with GroupInvite v2.3(or better) in this chat
  • Automaticly set ranks of invated guildmembers(if he was in the guild before) and all guildmembers which have the lowest rank(if you goes online and saved an other rank for this member)
  • Lists can be sort
  • Check level and classes of new group member BEFORE they get an invatation(this could delay the invatation a litte bit, and it could cause the message "Player can't be found" if the player isn't online anymore)
  • Open Manager with Mouse-Over
  • Add GrpSave options to Minimap-Button
  • Configurable Manager size
  • Option to change Eventspeed
  • Add Multi-in-one-Page System(not used at the moment)
  • Add the new two classes to RaidSort and so on
  • Add MainInterface page for language-choose-part and so on

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed Loot-configurations
  • Fixed Load-errors
  • The AuotWelcMsg will now send only, if you're the group leader
  • AutoAssists will now promote the assists when you become the group leader, too
  • Reset time of the shout when you stop the addon
  • Fixed errors with unready translations
  • Fixed speed of open/close config frame
  • Fixed LanguagePack-support
  • Fixed Intervals
  • Fixed color of Groupname in shout
  • Fixed tooltip positions
  • Fixed closing config frame with the minimap button
  • Fixed AutoRaid with Reload Group
  • Fixed Blocklist in minimap button menu
  • Fixed multi-channel-support of shout
  • Fixed informations in guild-link
  • Fixed tooltip-warnings
  • Fixed critical errors at joining a group
  • Fixed critical errors at closing game
  • Tryed to fix bug that sometimes people won't get an invatation


  • Delete Coloths-Page
  • Delete Copy-Page
  • Delete TS-Data-Support(will come back in future)
  • Addon will need lesser FPS than before(if the addon does nothing)
  • Changed Credits-Window
  • Changed some of the desing(more change of the desing will maybe follow in future)

Preview of 2.4:

  • Comeback of TS-Data
  • New Page: Desing, allows configurable desing of the config frame
  • Split shout, guild-advertisment and so on in more than one message if needed
  • Changeable ranks of guildmembers in the guild recruter,too
  • Scaleable config frame


Buggs fixed:

  • The AutoWelcMsg will now work! sry for that now it will work fine!



  • Add sound to the Tree-Menu
  • Add a scripting tool for the "group-sort-system"(maybe useable in other functions in later versions)
  • Add tooltips to AutoAccept and AutoDecline functions
  • Add an space between groupname and lvl-whishes in the groupshout
  • Deleat tooltips at the manager
  • Add a Dropdown menu of all groups into the dropdown menu of the minimap button
  • Find a better way to hide whisper popups(now it will be only hide them if needed)
  • Now will the message, that you're on the waitlist, only send if needed
  • Add a notice to the minimap button's tooltip that you can drag it with shift+rightclick

Buggs fixed:

  • Fixed the tree menu
  • Fixed problem with servers from other lands(for example australien)
  • Fixed some problems with nil values
  • Fixed (hoply) loadproblem(with the ts-data-window)
  • Fixed save of "look at class"
  • Fixed spam at reload group
  • Fixed some misspelling in german and english
  • Fixed ScrollMessage(when a new version was found)
  • Fixed the buttons "Kick G." and "New G." at the manager
  • Tried to fix the problem with the addon "Volorless runes"(not tested yet)
  • Fixed AutoWelcMsg problems
  • Tried to fix the warning message, that you send too many messages(if you send the afk-list)
  • Fixed "kick offliners"
  • Fixed the field to insert AutoShoutTime at the guildadvertisment(now you can also insert numbers under 5, so you can insert for example 14)
  • Fixed little bugg of the minimapbutton if you use the addonmanager
  • Fixed a warning message if you don't have a guildadvertisment to send(now it will send a warnmessage instead of "nil")
  • Fixed "hide own guildadvertisment"(this won't hide own whispers anymore)
  • Fixed timing at the auto-shout-function of the guildadvertisment(it will now send the guildadvertisment after realy 7 minutes instaend of 1-2)



  • Now you can send the AFK-Cmds
  • GrpSave now have an AutoSave option
  • Now you can sort player with their names
  • Now you can send the TS-Data in the groupchat, too
  • Added a short note, where you can see the time until the next AutoShout
  • Now you can configurate, how many keywords you want to show in your shout
  • Added AutoLeave function
  • Added "searching after classes" (same as max- & min-lvl, only with classes)
  • Added function: Search for translations(this need a lot of FPS so use this only if necessary)
  • New Page: Lists. Here can you see all loaded lists
  • New Page: AutoAccept and AutoDecline, including a "Friend"-list, at which player you wish a accept/decline
  • New Page: Now you can configurate, how many FPS GroupInvite will need

Buggs fixed:

  • false saved difficult of GrpSave
  • false max. lenght of messages
  • fixed misspelling in german translation
  • now change "Start" and "Stop" in the Manager
  • fixed umlauts(some problems with "ΓΌ")
  • fixed save of leave-sound All buggs which were send to me and not are listed here, i hadn't found. If the buggs still are there, please send this to me!


  • Changed Tab-Buttons to an tree-system. (You can see this if you drive your mouse over the arron on the left of the menu of GroupInvite)
  • Now there is a link to the new forum of GroupInvite. If you found a bugg please write it there :)
  • Deleat french translation because i han't anyone to translate it for me If you could and want help me there, look at the new forum of GroupInvite
  • When i have got some translations, i will upload a addon called "Groupinvite Language Pack", which include this translations so you don't need to wait for next verion to have a translation again.
  • Because a little problem it's needed to overwrite all saved data.

Knowing buggs:

  • The scrollbanner seems to have an error sometimes since chapter IV (this seems to be a problem of RoM, not of this addon)


  • fixed "Not in guild" message-bugg
  • fixed GrpSave
  • fixed false lengh of guildadvertisment(tried, not sure that it work!)


There seems to be a bugg while load addon at some characters(not at all!) so this is now fix! I'm sorry for this...


Note: The person to translate GroupInvite into french stoped playing RoM, so he won't translate later version. If anybody could translate the later versions of GroupInvite, pls PM me :)

Bugs fixed:

  • fixed space as AFK-Cmd
  • fixed compleat AFK-System errors
  • fixed errors with offliner-function
  • fixed warnmessage at WelcMsg
  • fixed colour change system
  • fixed AFK-Cmd-System(change pages)
  • fixed bugg if you try to load one group (SaveGrp) more times
  • fixed bugg to change names of groups (SaveGrp)


  • Player-Leave-Sound
  • New Card: CopyData - here can you copy data from one group to another
  • You now able to change colour of text and links in the guildadvertisment
  • At a guild-link will now show the guild-leader, members, etc with each one line
  • New Card: NewsReport - here can you send guild-news and the TS-data in the guildchat(you had to insert the TS-data manually)
  • TS-Data-links: Here can you see the TS-data of your guild in a seperate window, where you can copy the data and past it to the EditBox in the TS-system
  • Now you are able to deactive the default AFK-Cmds ("AFK" and "AWAY FROM KEYBOARD")
  • Now you can send in the AutoWelcMsg the single channelnumber of the next event(if you use TonkManager)
  • Now you can send the AFK-list into group-chat
  • New Card: Sort Raid - here can you sort a raid to classes, so for example in the first group only five mages and one heal and so on
  • New Card: MakeMyManager - here can you change the buttons, which will show in the Manager. This will save for each group seperate!
  • Added many buttons into Manager, so fore example "Qucik Save" and "Quick Load" for SaveGrp
  • Added to the SaveGrp-Card: Quick Save, Quick Load, Quick Kick and Quick Reload!
  • Now will show at least 4 keywords instad of one in the party-shout!


  • After 30 secounds will a invited player deleat from the invited list
  • Change CheckButtons at guildadvertesment from radio-buttons into check-buttons
  • Now will the compleat config at the Manage-Card save for each group seperate
  • All saved data will reload at the update to this version


  • Send AFK-Cmds at party-chat
  • fixed bugg: sometimes will the false instand-difficult saved
  • Maybe start AskAFK automaticly
  • Maybe Healbot2 kompatibility
  • Better kompatibility to TonkManager(try to make working TonkManager-kompatibility funtions if you don't have the TonkManager addon, too)
  • Sort players in a raid with whisperd numbers


Bugs fixed:

  • Grp-Save-System: If you save an group with an name,which has allways an other group, it will overwrite this group
  • Grp-Save-System: Not able to save groups without a name
  • The debug-msg while the autoInvite work, is now deactivated
  • fixed some umlauts (in french)
  • fixed bug,which send the AutoWelcMsg only in raids
  • fixed bug with the turn of a page in the AFKCmd list
  • fixed bug,which activated the "AskAFK" function not 5 minutes before next event


  • Add card "TM-kompatibility" so you have more options,which event will show in the partyshout(if activated)
  • Save colours and AFK for each group seperate
  • Able to send a repeat message in party while "AskAFK" work
  • Add function "Kick Offliners" for kick all offline party member after some minutes(if activated)
  • Add file "loader.lua" to stop the addon at an error
  • Add new Card: "AFK" where now the AFK-settings are


  • The AFK-Out-Time can now be set to 0 minutes


  • Add Player-Leave-Sound

Note: The card "TonkManager-Kompatibility" can only work with TonkManager v2.5.0 or better! Note: I wasn't able to test the (new) AFK-functions,so if it don't work please send me this so i'm able to fix this as fast as i can


Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed a bugg with the "Ask for AFK" (Tooltips)
  • Fixed a french tooltip

I'm very very sorry that this buggs was include in the v1.7!


Bugs fixed:

  • The Invite-Sound is now not any more too loud
  • A bug with the whipsers is now fixed


  • Now,you can deactive the sound and choose one of some sounds(you can use your own sounds,too)
  • Added TM-functions to the AutoWelcMsg
  • Added function to the AFK-functions: all,which won't be afk should write something in the partychat,else will they written on the AFK-list. This has got a TM-kompatibility,too
  • Added a slash-comand to dis-/enable GroupInvite


  • The disable-frame has got now a own card


Uploaded on
Oct 20, 2012
Game version
  • 5.0.1
1.1 MiB