ExtraActionBars v3.02

Change log

If you found a bugg, please post it me at my addon-forum


  • Add option to activate/deactivate cooldowns and glowing
  • Fixed Set skills(again)
  • Fixed Texts
  • Fixed moving


  • Fixed Hotkeys
  • Fixed Set skills
  • Try to fix kompatibility with GroupInvite v2.2

(Sry that i forgot to fix this bugs in v3.00)


  • Added support for Set Skills, Items of the ItemShop bag, emotions and partner(there are some functions which are not supported, like the cooldown of set skills, but the most important things are supported)
  • If an action bar is locked, it's needed to press shift to drag things out of the bar
  • German and English translations, including tooltips in the config frame
  • Show fields with half of their transperency if you had activated the hide empty function and you're dragging an item/skill
  • Add glow function to items
  • Add AutoAnchor system
  • Fixed problem: If you wouldn't hit an actionbar, the action bar wouldn't be clickable anymore
  • Try to fixed problems of the choose of false macros
  • Fixed tooltips of items, which aren't in your bag anymore
  • Changed the black "X" into a grey graphic of the item
  • Fixed problem of the ALT+... keys
  • Fixed problem: If you would click on a place where is an hidden action bar, the click would be ignored
  • Fixed "Throw things away" effect when you drag an item out of a bar
  • Try to fix the lot of RAM and FPS needing


  • Add macro-system
  • Add tooltips of skills and items
  • Allows now to drag skills(of the skillbook),items(of the bag) and macros from the default action bars
  • Add option to hide triangels
  • Add option to show the default key change frame
  • Add Lock-function
  • Add Space-function
  • Add glow function for buffs and macros
  • Add hide-empty function
  • Now you have 4 actionbars more(instead of 2, so you have 8 actionbars at last)
  • Know your class before you change to it
  • No target lose if your click don't hit the actionbar
  • Add option to hide the symbol in the bars
  • Change graphic(now, it's a cross)
  • Add option to copy hotkeys from an other class combination
  • Add script to check saved data, to stop save problems
  • Add link to my char if you are on Draiochta
  • Fixed drag&drop of scaled actiionbars(warning: no auto-pos in the near of the default actionbars!)
  • Fixed SetHotkey(no spells will cast anymore)
  • Fixed to change items in the actionbars(no spells will cast anymore)
  • Fixed repeat key problem
  • Fixed hotkex function at hidden bars
  • Fixed player link
  • Fixed to change hotkey at default classes
  • Change graphic if item not in bag(it's a black "X")
  • Fixed to divide items
  • Fixed the wheel function at sliders
  • Fixed to drag minimap button
Knowing buggs:
  • The skills won't be red if you havn't enought mana/arrows/etc or if you are too fare away
First released Version
  • Functionally work of skills of the skillbook and items of the bag :)
  • Save all configurations for each class (combination) seperate :)

Actually, this addon is only on english, but i will translate it in other language as fast as i can :)

Look at my Addon-Forum to have the acctuallest version, if you have questions or found buggs :)


Uploaded on
Feb 25, 2012
Game version
92.4 KiB