Arrow Persist

Aug 09, 2015 Release
Automatically equips lowest stack of arrows on scouts upon looting or when quiver is empty. This is done to save bag space by using up arrows that drop. As of v2.0 Arrow Persist will automatically equip a Rune Catapult or Rune War Bow and make arrows then re-equip your main bow if you run out of arrows! As of v2.45 Arrow Persist will automatically equip projectiles on rogues in the same manner as arrows for scouts as described above.

Best Potion

Jul 30, 2015 Release
BestPotion by ZTrek BestPotion will scan through your inventory and use the best mana, hitpoint, rage, energy, focus restoring potion via a macro. New as of version 2.1 Minimap button: Hover over button to see what potions you have in your inventory and what the best potions are that you can use Left click the mimimap button to trigger Best Potion or use the macro generated by typing /bpmg into the chat window Removed the bpEcho function: replaced by the minimap button's tooltip New as of...
base functions


Jul 23, 2015 Release
English: QuestState adds a tab to the NPC Track Frame (backspace button). With QuestState it is possible to search for quests which have not been begun yet, quests which are currently in progress and quests which have been already done. Aditionally, QuestState gives information about prerequisites and it tries to display the NPC which starts the quest. Normal quest, daily quests and public quests can be filtered out to fit your needs. Clicking on the quest info box QuestState shows a quest...
RoMBar v.1.0.1


Jul 02, 2015 Beta
Neue Version 1.2.3b ist online. Bitte ausgiebig checken, testen und Fehler melden. Vielen Dank letzte Änderungen ein Bug wurde gefixt, bei dem autoEquipAmmo versucht hat, Munition nachzuladen bei Klassen, die keine benutzen können verschiedene kleine Erweiterungen/Fixes das Modul ist jetzt über die Konfiguration einstellbar. Allerdings fehlen noch die Übersetzungen der Variablen bekannte Fehler nach Benutzung von ReloadUI() wird manchmal nur ein Teil der Leiste angezeigt - Grund...


Jun 16, 2015 Release
Runes of Magic - Questhelper NOT RELATED TO WOW (but inspired by WoW-QuestHelper) The QuestHelper will help you to complete your quests. -> Quest-Positions are displayed on the World-Map -> a Navi on the Minimap will guide you to the next quest goal -> a To-Do-List list displays goals depending on distance Option-Button can be found on WorldMap or QuestBook The To-Do-List: It list quest-goals ordered by distance. The minimap-GPS always points to the first entry. Some specials: -> a grayed...


May 26, 2015 Release
DailyNotes - English Detail information about daily quests. in tooltips at bulletin boards in an extra list Usage To call the full list type: /dn Or use: AddonManager Auto-Quest You can mark quest for auto accept/complete. If you click a NPC/Board and you've already fulfilled it's condition or it's a kill quest, these quest will automatically accepted (or completed) AdvancedAuctionHouse Use "$dn" or "$daily" as filter to find Daily-Quest-Items only. Additional optional parameters:...

Warden Pet Skill Recorder

Apr 14, 2015 Release
Do you play a Warden? Are you tired of right clicking Sepal Stab or Punch every time you summon your pet or change zones? Well now you only have to click on your pet skills once and the ones you choose will be saved and selected for you automatically from then on.

Guild Party Ding

Jan 02, 2015 Release
This is a modified and updated version of Ding originally done by VJain. I added in Party ding.

Dailies Auto Swapper

Dec 09, 2014 Release
Dailies Auto Swapper is an auto class swapper that you can toggle on and off. The purpose of this is for when you want to turn in daily quests on your secondary class but your secondary class isn't a high enough level to get the daily quests which requires you to swap classes from secondary to primary just to get the daily from the bulletin board or NPC between each turn in. Now with Dailies Auto Swapper you just toggle it on before you start and toggle it back off again after you're done...


Dec 03, 2014 Release
AltSync is for syncing all of your alts name's on each alts friends list. This is handled automatically by the addon. All you need to do is log in with each alt and their name's will be added to the database. New as of v1.9: There are now 6 additional features you can do with your alts type /asmg into the chat box to generate the macros for the 1st 4 new features 1. Invite Alt to Party: 2. Accept Now:(only needed if you don't use the AAI addon) 3. Invite Alt for a Ride: with auto accept 4....


Nov 12, 2014 Beta
New release soon! If you have any ideas for new features or bug reports, please write a Ticket. Thanks you in advance! Translate Description Description now available in this languages: English Polish ( click ) English pbInfo released under the Creative Commons License By-Nc-Sa 3.0 pbInfo offers multiple features to ease your daily Runes of Magic life. This add-on shows a tooltip with several information about the mob, player or NPC you are hovering, a tooltip with information about gathering...
ZZInfoBar v2

ZZInfoBar v3

Apr 30, 2014 Release
Important Update Information Please remove any old Version of ZZInfoBar and the Standard Plugins before manually updating to v 3.0.0 or higher. Curse Client will handle updates automatically for you. After a correct update you will be able to see version numbers below the plugin names in the plugin menu. ZZInfoBar displays a bar that is able to show in several buttons nearly all available text based information on your screen. A special feature of ZZInfoBar is the plugin system, which...


Apr 15, 2014 Release
EN: Allows to targets mobs, enemies and friends and anything else by mouseover Free configurable DE: Visiert alles mögliche (Auswahl nach Freunde, Feinde, usw) an, wenn man mit der Maus darüber fährt Sämtliche Funktionen de-/aktivierbar^^ PL: Umożliwia zaznaczanie wrogów, przyjaciół i innych rzeczy poprzez najechanie na nich myszką Rozbudowana konfiguracja wszystkiego ES: Permite apuntar mobs, enemigos, aliados y cualquier cosa sólo con pasar el cursor sobre ellos Configuración por marcadores


Dec 28, 2013 Alpha
This addon is meant to simplify the task of understanding boss strategies or "What the heck just happened to us, why are we all dead?". It monitors various events during a fight and records them into a log. With each event, the entire party HP/MP/... and debuffs (including descriptions) are captured, up to 12 man raid. Also all party hostile targets are recorded with HP, buff, and debuff information. Currently recorded events: Enter/leave combat Boss/zone text (system messages), including...
main screen 0.1


Nov 18, 2013 Mature
This addon calculates your XP gain rate over time (5 minute, 15 minute, and 60 minute averages). It uses this information to also display the time to next level given your 60 minute average. Also useful when grinding XP to compare different areas or tactics to figure out what gives the best XP. Integrated with AddonManager. Also available with /XPGrinder or /xpg.
PartyQuestInformer Button


Aug 07, 2013 Release
English PartyQuestInformer informs your party about the quests you have accepted by sending the quest names in the group chat. DailyQuest will not be posted in the chat to avoid chat spam. If you have AddonManager installed the button will show you if the informer is enabled or disabled. Use /PQIT or the AddonManger button to toggle the informer on or of. Deutsch PartyQuestInformer informiert deine Gruppe über von dir angenommene Quest indem es den Quest Namen in den Gruppenchat sendet....


Aug 07, 2013 Beta
kwSpeedUp automates some tasks for you to make game experience easier. All functions can be enabled or disabled at the config page(see screenshot). Currently supported: Auto response to some popup messages Auto store open, repair and close bag when talking to a merchant Auto close bag on store, mail, auction and bank frame close Auto disable addon if player is afk(supports XAfk, SlashAfk, dAfk) This addon is still at beta stage, if there are bugs or enhancement requests please use the ticket...

HpMonitor (XBar)

Jul 10, 2013 Release
Send HPs of current focus monsters to party, need XBar installed. After you are in party and have focus monster then you can turn it on. Shift + change target to add focus after you install this addon, Left Click on the button to switch HpMonitor, Right Click to clear focus. Functions base on Compiler's.


Jul 03, 2013 Release
KittyCombo - English Mainly KittyCombo will support attack flow of the player. KittyCombo executes in order the command by conditions which player specified. The kind of command, execution sequence, and an execution condition are customizable. As command, player can specify skill, suit skill, action (including using item), Ex skill, macro, emotion and so on. Main functions: - Combo attack This add-on will execute in order the command configured by player in advance. - Repair of equipment This...
XPExtended 0.4.3

XPExtended (RoM)

May 15, 2013 Beta
Bron's Note: XPExtended is going Open Source! What does this mean when addon source code is already available to anybody? Well, in this case it means that since I'm not a true Lua coder but I know basic concepts, I will be accepting "fanfixes" from people. If there is a complicated bug and I can't fix it, it will not be fixed without your help. If you find a bug, a bug report is of no use, sorry. If you want a bug fixed, make the bugfix, submit it in a comment, tell me where it goes in the...