May 03, 2015 Release
Deutsch: Dungeon Loots ist ein Addon, welches Ihnen die Bossdrops eines Instanzbosses zeigt. Features Suchfunktion, einfaches Interface zum graden und plussen eines Items. levelangaben zu jeder Instanz Mementoanzahl pro Boss/Instanz Verlinkung mit strg+alt+Linksklick zur rom-welten datenbank Instanz/Bosspositionen auf der Weltkarte English Dungeon Loots is an Addon, which shows you the drops of a instance Boss. Features Search function an easy Interface to add tiers and plus an Item instances...
Menu in 3.31


May 03, 2015 Release
ComeOnIn is an Addon for AutoInvites an partymanagment under one simple statement: High functionality, easy handling Description in another languages: [ Polski (Polish) ]. If you want add or check addon translation, please go to Localization. It is recommended to download following addon that there were no problems with ComeOnIn. d303Fix Features: AutoInvite, that can be triggered by various keywords on various channels graphical userdisplay that highlights or darkens the information for...

Extended Fusion

Apr 26, 2015 Release
Deutsch: Extended Fusion vereinigt die Funktionen von Fusion, akCraft und storemultibuy in einem Addon. Storemultibuy ermöglicht es, auch nicht stackbare Items mit nur wenigen Klicks in großen Mengen zu kaufen. Fusion vereinfacht und beschleunigt das Herstellen von Manasteinen. AkCraft vereinfacht und beschleunigt das Verschmelzen von den Elementen, die für Sternbildbegleiter benötigt werden. English: Extended Fusion contains the functionality of Fusion, akCraft and storemultibuy.


Apr 19, 2015 Release
Deutsch PetBuffs zeigt den Buff, den ein Sternbildbegleiter beim beschwören gibt, im Tooltip an. English PetBuffs will show you the buff, which a zodiacpet will give you if you summon it.


Apr 19, 2015 Release
Previews Items, Skills, Buffs, Quests, NPCs, Stats. You can level Buffs and Skills and also +, tier, stat etc. Items. You can open the frame with /ip2 or with the minimap button. This Addon ist based on ItemPreview by Alleris


Apr 15, 2015 Release
WoWMap - English Description Tired of having to work your way through that annoying dropdown menu every time you want to check something on a different map? Then WoWMap is for You! It makes the map in Runes of Magic feel more like the map in World of Warcraft for easier handling and displays maps inside of instances as well. Features Easy Handling: Switch from one map to another with an easy to use interface: Leftclick an Icon on the map to switch directly to that map. i.e. you can change to...

Warden Pet Skill Recorder

Apr 14, 2015 Release
Do you play a Warden? Are you tired of right clicking Sepal Stab or Punch every time you summon your pet or change zones? Well now you only have to click on your pet skills once and the ones you choose will be saved and selected for you automatically from then on.


Apr 14, 2015 Release
CharPlan CharPlan will help plan your character Equipment. Load your gear and test how you can pimp it to the max. Or search through the item-DB and build you dream-suit. The main-screen will show the estimated attribute values your toon will have. Everything is done virtual without touching your real equipment. And since calculation is done independently from real client the resulting values may differ. Usage: AddonManager MiniMap Button type "/cp" Localization If you want help to localize...


Apr 08, 2015 Release
LootIt! Attention with upgrade to Version 1.4! Convert your $word1&word2 filters to $word&$word2 (aditional $)! Improve translation? No problem! Quick-Select: EN FR DE JP KR PL RU CN ES TW IT Bug found? New idea? Click me Check out the Alpha-Channel at your Curse-Client to get the newest features. The alpha-versions are quite new and have possible more bugs than the releases, but also the hottest features. Development for DKP system stopped. Inform me if you want to help with development on...
base functions


Apr 08, 2015 Release
English: QuestState adds a tab to the NPC Track Frame (backspace button). With QuestState it is possible to search for quests which have not been begun yet, quests which are currently in progress and quests which have been already done. Aditionally, QuestState gives information about prerequisites and it tries to display the NPC which starts the quest. Normal quest, daily quests and public quests can be filtered out to fit your needs. Clicking on the quest info box QuestState shows a quest...


Mar 09, 2015 Release
miRP est conçu pour voir facilement la description des autres joueurs, d'un passage de la souris sur leur personnage ou au ciblage. miRP permet aussi d'organiser plus facilement la description de votre personnage, de l'optimiser. miRP vous donne la possibilité de prendre des notes personnelles sur les joueurs croisés, d'agrémenter leurs fiches avec des commentaires qui vous permettront de retenir certains éléments RolePlay, ou non, les concernant. - miRP is made to easily see other players'...


Mar 02, 2015 Release
Advanced sinnlose Buffs wegklicken Deutsch Diese Addon klickt automatisch die Buffs weg, die im Config Menü eingestellt werden. english this addon delete buffs, which you set in the config.


Feb 05, 2015 Alpha
The main concept of this addon is give database (like RuneCraft) with calculator for guild and guild castle upgrades. Originator: Retcha88

Arrow Persist

Jan 23, 2015 Release
Automatically equips lowest stack of arrows on scouts upon looting or when quiver is empty. This is done to save bag space by using up arrows that drop. As of v2.0 Arrow Persist will automatically equip a Rune Catapult or Rune War Bow and make arrows then re-equip your main bow if you run out of arrows! As of v2.45 Arrow Persist will automatically equip projectiles on rogues in the same manner as arrows for scouts as described above.


Jan 11, 2015 Release
Description / Opis English: Addon facilitates rapid treatment of a large team. Manage bars, so that with one click heal yourself or someone else, or you throw buff. Polski: Addon ułatwia szybkie leczenie dużej drużyny. Zarządzaj ramkami, dzięki którym jednym kliknięciem wyleczysz siebie lub kogoś innego albo rzucisz wzmocnienie.
General v0.60


Jan 11, 2015 Release
RuneCraft is a smart tool to show you all given runes and there stats and his combination in the magicbox(arcane transmuter). Descriptions: English; Deutsch; Polski; Italiano; Feel free to translate addon. Installation Just copy the RuneCraft folder in "Runes of Magic/Interface/AddOns". If directories don't exists, just create them. Use Type /rc in the chat or use AddonManager. Notes From the Version 0.50 from 03/20/2013 this addon is based on a mod from psprofi aka Killerpommes.

Advanced Magic Wardrobe

Jan 10, 2015 Release
Advanced Magic Wardrobe Description Advanced Magic Wardrobe is an extension for the magic wardrobe. AMW provides an unlimited number of suits you can save instead of 10. How to use Just open your costume setting AMW will open aswell. Suit compendium This lists all of your saved suits. You can filtern your suits by categorie Import On opening this tab your current suit setting will be displayed. Just type in a name for your suit and click the save button. If you click the "Textimport" Button a...


Jan 10, 2015 Release
Buffcounter This addon is a plugin for Noguais ZZInfoBar. head over to curseforge to install the newest version. Description BuffCounter will show the number of current buffs and debuffs aswell as the number of maximal buffs you had in the current playsession. You will probably have a higher number of buffs/debuffs as your buffbar suggests. This is due to the fact, that passiv setskill will give you invisible buffs aswell as many buffs will also give an invisible buff. Usage After instaaling...

Raid SM

Jan 10, 2015 Release
Raid SM Description Moving raidmember in your normal raidframe (you don't have to open raid-interface) Additional functions /run RaidSM.func.Toggle() - Toggle whether lead-/assisticons are shown in normal raidinterface /run RaidSM.func.ToggleVertical() - Toggle whether raidmembers are aligned vertical or horizontal /run RaidSM.func.SaveRaid() - Save current raidmemberpositions /run RaidSM.func.RestoreOrder() - Restore raidmember to prior saved positions
New icons


Jan 10, 2015 Release
Extended Macro Icons Description EMI adds aound 10.000 available icons for your macros. Prerequisite If you want to use any of the new icons you have to give your macro a name. Otherwise it will show a blank icon when draged into your actionbar.