MemCount Konfigurationsfenster

MementoCounter (Mentos Farmhilfe)

Oct 13, 2015 Release
Titel: Memento Counter Version: 2.4 (RoM version 6.4.1) Beschreibung: Fügt dem Spiel einen Knopf und einen Chatbefehl hinzu. Damit kann man seine Mementos auslesen lassen und berechnen lassen, wie viele Runs man noch braucht um ein Item zu ziehen. Mementos pro Run und benötigte Mementos können natürlich angepasst werden. Description: Adds a button and a chat command to the game. This addon checks your Mementos and displays how many more runs you need to be able to buy a new item. Mementos per...
UMM Inbox Tab


Oct 11, 2015 Release
UltimateMailMod_2014 =========================== Project site: Repository site: Overview ======== Ultimate Mail Mod is an extension to the existing mail system. The original interface is "hidden" and "replaced" by the UMM interface. Features: ========= Inbox: -Lists up to 18 mails in the inbox. -The sender's name of each mail is color coded by reference type. -Alternative icons...
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WoWMap - POI

Oct 11, 2015 Release
This is an enhancement for WoWMap. Create your custom Map notes press ctrl or alt while left-clicking on the map to open the dialog the command "/poi" creates a note at your current position Show transport book location click on the location to get a porter menu NPC-Positions: Portals Mailboxes ResurrectionStone Housemaid Bank AuctionHouse StableMaster It also contains a list of Dailyquest givers to help WoWMap to display Quest-NPC on custom maps.

Improved Mail Interface

Oct 10, 2015 Release
Welcome to UMM_IDB I don't own this addon. IMPORTANT: PLEASE UNISNTALL YOUR CURRENT ULTIMATEMAILMOD, THEN INSTALL THIS ONE. As a matter of fact, As far as I know, the original Author (Shardea of Siochain) has died. Thus it is impossible for me to gain express permission form the original author. I have re-published this addon to have full control over it, so I could actually publish updates of the addon to the community. I am just an updater at this point. I did not create this addon. I have...
yGather Worldmap

yGather - Gatherers Map

Oct 05, 2015 Release
English yGather - Gatherers Map is a resource stack mapper. It records resource stack locations as you walk by and shows them on the worldmap. Features records resource stack locations and shows them on worldmap shows previously recorded resource stacks on minimap if the resource is currently unavailable configurable icon shape, size, color and transparency for worldmap and minimap filter options highlight selected resources on minimap (WoWMap compatible - not a real feature, but people seem...

Warden Pet Skill Recorder

Sep 29, 2015 Release
Do you play a Warden? Are you tired of right clicking Sepal Stab or Punch every time you summon your pet or change zones? Well now you only have to click on your pet skills once and the ones you choose will be saved and selected for you automatically from then on.


Sep 29, 2015 Release
Shows all available equipmentbuttons in you characterframe use /run BetterEquipSwap.Core.Size(size) to scale buttonsize. Default is 24. Value will be saved in global savevariables.

Death Debt Clock

Sep 29, 2015 Release
Displays a clock with how many minutes until death debt is cleared at the guild library.

Random Name Generator

Sep 29, 2015 Release
RNG will generate a list of 10 names at a time. If you see one that you like just click the clipboard icon to the right of the name to copy it to the clipboard. To bring up the frame click the minimap icon that looks like a red die. Clicking the minimap icon will generate a new list of names.It is highly recommended that you run 2 clients at the same time if you have 2 or more accounts so that you can copy from one client and paste into the other that you are creating new characters on with...


Sep 26, 2015 Release
CharPlan CharPlan will help plan your character Equipment. Load your gear and test how you can pimp it to the max. Or search through the item-DB and build you dream-suit. The main-screen will show the estimated attribute values your toon will have. Everything is done virtual without touching your real equipment. And since calculation is done independently from real client the resulting values may differ. Usage: AddonManager MiniMap Button type "/cp" Localization If you want help to localize...
New icons


Sep 25, 2015 Release
Extended Macro Icons Description EMI adds aound 10.000 available icons for your macros. Length of macrotext incresed. Prerequisite If you want to use any of the new icons you have to give your macro a name. Otherwise it will show a blank icon when draged into your actionbar.


Sep 25, 2015 Release
Previews Items, Skills, Buffs, Quests, NPCs, Stats. You can level Buffs and Skills and also +, tier, stat etc. Items. You can open the frame with /ip2 or with the minimap button. This Addon ist based on ItemPreview by Alleris


Sep 25, 2015 Release
Deutsch: Dungeon Loots ist ein Addon, welches Ihnen die Bossdrops eines Instanzbosses zeigt. Features Suchfunktion, einfaches Interface zum graden und plussen eines Items. levelangaben zu jeder Instanz Mementoanzahl pro Boss/Instanz Verlinkung mit strg+alt+Linksklick zur rom-welten datenbank Instanz/Bosspositionen auf der Weltkarte English Dungeon Loots is an Addon, which shows you the drops of a instance Boss. Features Search function an easy Interface to add tiers and plus an Item instances...
ZZInfoBar button

Where's My Home?

Sep 25, 2015 Release
Do you always forget where you registered your recall point? Do you hate using the recall skill and get teleported miles away from where you thought you would teleport to? Where's My Home is an addon that saves the location you register your recall point at and shows it to you where you need it the most. When you install your addon the recall point will be shown as "<Unknown Target>" as shown in the screenshot. You need to register your recall point somewhere with the addon installed to have...


Sep 25, 2015 Release
Plantcare is translated to - partly translated - not yet translated Feel free to translate this addon into your language here Below you find a short description of the Addon in English, Deutsch and Italiano English PlantCare is the most advanced planting add-on available for Runes of Magic. Features Shows status of plants on all of your chars and when they'll be ready to harvest Automatically plants seeds directly from your backpack Automatically puts water/fertilizer into appropriate slots...
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Stoneforge's Multi purpose

Sep 21, 2015 Release
This add-on was designed for end gamers! It performs a variety of functions to make siege life and instance running easier and less stressful. For example, there is a built in fearless cooldown timer; no more need to ask how long till fearless in siege. There is also things like party swapping for burn phases, so you don't have to use a macro or swap manually. There is a whole lot of other things this add-on can do too! ADDON TUTORIAL: Can be found here: PLEASE...

Auto Guild Donate

Sep 20, 2015 Release
Auto Guild Donate will automatically donate the following resources to your guild. Herb Essence, Fortune Grass, Magic Fortune Grass, Ore Essence, Star Pearl, Moonlight Pearl, Wood Essence, Golden Ear of Grain, Sunset Ear of Grain, Guild Rune, Dread Essence, Nightmare Essence, Guild Stone, Dauntless Core, Wisdom Core, Ruby Stone, Handcrafted Ruby, Teardrop Ruby New as of version v3.1: Minimap button to bring up the config frame. You can now configure every possible resource to automatically...


Sep 18, 2015 Release
Runes of Magic - Questhelper NOT RELATED TO WOW (but inspired by WoW-QuestHelper) The QuestHelper will help you to complete your quests. -> Quest-Positions are displayed on the World-Map -> a Navi on the Minimap will guide you to the next quest goal -> a To-Do-List list displays goals depending on distance Option-Button can be found on WorldMap or QuestBook The To-Do-List: It list quest-goals ordered by distance. The minimap-GPS always points to the first entry. Some specials: -> a grayed...
Slash AFK 5.0 Main Window

Slash AFK (/afk)

Sep 18, 2015 Release
Polish [ polski opis ] [ CurseForge localization system ] English Primary characteristics No dependencies Many, many options and settings Graphical and Commandline AddonManager, ComeOnIn and Temeraire compatible Prefix on automatic messages - (Slash AFK: [AFK/DND]) Reply messages to your aliases, nickname and to whispers Possible to add custom channels TIP To just change the language of your AFK/DND messages, select the language from the dropdown menu and click the 'Reset Messages' button,...
Configuration dialog


Sep 18, 2015 Release
ComeOnIn is an Addon for AutoInvites an partymanagment under one simple statement: High functionality, easy handling If you are experiencing problems with version 4.0 If you are upgrading from version 3.31 or less and have addon crash (empty buttons on screen center) please: Remove addon completely. Start game and enter world. Close game. Install addon. After game startup everything should be fine. It's because settings' convert bug. Description in another languages: [ Polski (Polish) ]. If...