May 01, 2016 Alpha
This addon will improve your mailing experience with good known old features like mass sending of mails and also new features like an outbox for your send mail. Based on UltimateMailMod_2014
new rarities


Apr 30, 2016 Release
LootIt! Attention with upgrade to Version 1.4! Convert your $word1&word2 filters to $word&$word2 (aditional $)! Improve translation? No problem! Quick-Select: EN FR DE JP KR PL RU CN ES TW IT Bug found? New idea? Click me Check out the Alpha-Channel at your Curse-Client to get the newest features. The alpha-versions are quite new and have possible more bugs than the releases, but also the hottest features. Development for DKP system stopped. Inform me if you want to help with development on...
Extended Cenedrilmenu

Cenedril Helper

Apr 27, 2016 Beta
Cenedril Helper Deutsche Beschreibung Features reequiping cenedril pets in fixed intervals can be turned off easy to use crafting of cenedril materials click materials in cenedril frame to craft shown material use crafting menu in magic box to craft on twinks minimap button for quick pet exchange needs awsmDropdown (will automatically be installed when using curse client) zzinfobar Plugin function that selects and equips best cenedril pets for a given comboskill, executes the skill and...

Config Creator

Apr 27, 2016 Beta
Library for config creation Currently in alpha. Do not use now! Documentation will be available when beta status is reached.


Apr 23, 2016 Release
Ancillary title Select plugin for ZZIB Description Patch 6.0.0 introduced a new title reward system. With ATS you can save different combinations of titles for different occasions (instance, siege war, farming, crafting ...) Prerequisits This is a plugin for Noguai's ZZInfobar. Head over to to install the newest version! Change combination via macro Use the command '/zzats x' whereas x is the number of a saved combination in ascending order to change...


Apr 23, 2016 Release
Feel free to translate this addon into your language here Problem with Itemshop solved in the latest version. Plantcare not using anymore Morphclock! Note: You need an Addon which provide the time os function to make all function in Plantcare working and to show the harvest time. Here the link to a Addon which provide the timefunction without using the itemshop #OS-Fix but you can also use other Addons providing the time function -------------------------- Below you find a short description...

Auto Enter Arcanium Arena

Apr 13, 2016 Release
This addon will allow you to automatically enter any arena when the popup appears but it is designed for Arcanium Arena. Please note it is NOT designed to sign you up to join the queue.


Apr 05, 2016 Release
AltSync is for syncing all of your alts name's on each alts friends list. This is handled automatically by the addon. All you need to do is log in with each alt and their name's will be added to the database. v2.3 New minimap button. Left click to open config settings. Right click to open the new alt command buttons that have replaced the macros. There are now 8 additional features you can do with your alts
ZZInfoBar button

Where's My Home?

Apr 05, 2016 Release
Do you always forget where you registered your recall point? Do you hate using the recall skill and get teleported miles away from where you thought you would teleport to? Where's My Home is an addon that saves the location you register your recall point at and shows it to you where you need it the most. When you install your addon the recall point will be shown as "<Unknown Target>" as shown in the screenshot. You need to register your recall point somewhere with the addon installed to have...

Auto Guild Donate

Apr 04, 2016 Release
ATTENTION: The Donate Gold function is triggered when the player's money changes which is triggered upon leaving Arcanium Arena so if you run AA often and you don't want gold donated to the guild every time you leave the arena then uncheck the Donate Gold checkbutton. Changes as of v4.5: Settings are now saved per character and there is no longer any default settings so everything must be manually checked in the config frame. There is a check button located at the top of the guild resources...
base functions


Mar 27, 2016 Release
English: QuestState adds a tab to the NPC Track Frame (backspace button). With QuestState it is possible to search for quests which are not begun yet, quests which are currently in progress and quests which are already finished. Additionally, QuestState gives information about prerequisites and it tries to display the NPC who starts the quest. Normal quest, daily quests and public quests can be filtered out to fit your needs. Clicking on the quest info box QuestState shows a quest tree on the...
New icons


Mar 24, 2016 Release
Extended Macro Icons Description EMI adds around 10.000 available icons for your macros. Length of macrotext increased. Prerequisite If you want to use any of the new icons you have to give your macro a name. Otherwise it will show a blank icon when draged into your actionbar.


Mar 18, 2016 Release
Deutsch: Dungeon Loots ist ein Addon, welches Ihnen die Bossdrops eines Instanzbosses zeigt. Features Suchfunktion, einfaches Interface zum graden und plussen eines Items. levelangaben zu jeder Instanz Mementoanzahl pro Boss/Instanz Verlinkung mit strg+alt+Linksklick zur rom-welten datenbank Instanz/Bosspositionen auf der Weltkarte English Dungeon Loots is an Addon, which shows you the drops of a instance Boss. Features Search function an easy Interface to add tiers and plus an Item instances...


Mar 18, 2016 Release
Previews Items, Skills, Buffs, Quests, NPCs, Stats. You can level Buffs and Skills and also +, tier, stat etc. Items. You can open the frame with /ip2 or with the minimap button. This Addon ist based on ItemPreview by Alleris
Full options

Stoneforge's Multi purpose

Mar 05, 2016 Release
Current News: SMPA v2.0.0 Release (Yes I am skipping v1.0.5 Full-Release) This will be the last version of my addon and will be released later this week (Before March 6th). I have quit the game for over 3 months now, but have not released the version I had started working on, before I left. v2.0.0's main feature is HIGHLY improved siege herald skills. I now have skill bars for every single player, that looks like, and triggers cooldowns on herald skills. There will be 1 last tutorial video...

Guild Party Ding

Feb 09, 2016 Release
This is a modified and updated version of Ding originally done by VJain. I added in Party ding.

Best Potion

Feb 09, 2016 Release
BestPotion by ZTrek BestPotion will scan through your inventory and use the best mana, hitpoint, rage, energy, focus restoring potion via a macro. New as of version 2.1 Minimap button: Hover over button to see what potions you have in your inventory and what the best potions are that you can use Left click the mimimap button to trigger Best Potion or use the macro generated by typing /bpmg into the chat window Removed the bpEcho function: replaced by the minimap button's tooltip New as of...

Arrow Persist

Feb 09, 2016 Release
Automatically equips lowest stack of arrows on scouts upon looting or when quiver is empty. This is done to save bag space by using up arrows that drop. As of v2.0 Arrow Persist will automatically equip a Rune Catapult or Rune War Bow and make arrows then re-equip your main bow if you run out of arrows! As of v2.45 Arrow Persist will automatically equip projectiles on rogues in the same manner as arrows for scouts as described above.

Warden Pet Skill Recorder

Feb 09, 2016 Release
Do you play a Warden? Are you tired of right clicking Sepal Stab or Punch every time you summon your pet or change zones? Well now you only have to click on your pet skills once and the ones you choose will be saved and selected for you automatically from then on.

Mount Toggle

Feb 09, 2016 Release
As of v3.0 The minimap icon will now reflect your mount availability status(for example if you currently have no mounts available but you have horse rental tickets the minimap icon will be a horse rental ticket, any mounts that are not rentals will have the icon of that mount)! Mount Toggle will put you on your mount if you're not mounted and dismount you if you are mounted. Mount Toggle will scan through the Partner Bag first, the Item Shop backpack second and finally the backpack for any...