Apr 20, 2014 Beta
FuzzyDIYCE is an add-on that allows the creation of skill lists that can be triggered, via a macro, in a context sensitive manner similar to DIYCE and DIYCE 2.0 does. FuzzyDIYCE is inspired by those earlier add-ons. NOTE: Version >= 0.2 is rebased to Peryl's codebase, please note that combat scripts needs to be modified as the Skills table has changed location: local fd = FuzzyDIYCE local api = fd.API local fdvars = fd.FDVars -- local Skills = fd.Skills -- Version = 0.1x local Skills =...


Apr 20, 2014 Release
AltSync is for syncing all of your alts name's on each alts friends list. This is handled automatically by the addon. All you need to do is log in with each alt and their name's will be added to the database.

Arrow Persist

Apr 18, 2014 Release
Automatically equips lowest stack of arrows on scouts upon looting or when quiver is empty. This is done to save bag space by using up arrows that drop.

I'm So Random

Apr 18, 2014 Release
Taking a trip down Nostalgia Road and started playing RoM again for fun. I was shocked to see my old addon still worked. Updated it a bit and decided to re-release it. Yes, it's pointless. Out gathering ore again? Collecting Dailies? Bored and there's nothing really going on in chat. Not sure what to say to start a conversation? Want to make some person go o.O as they pass you buy? Here's your solution! I'm So Random! Just press the corresponding button for chat, party chat, guild chat, zone...

Best Potion

Apr 18, 2014 Release
BestPotion by ZTrek BestPotion will scan through your inventory and use the highest percentage mana restoring or hitpoint restoring potion. New as of version 1.70 1. Best Potion will check for Priest or Druid primary or secondary class and cast the best healing spell you have rather then to use up a potion but it will only use a healing spell if that spell will heal for a higher percentage than the potions in your inventory or if all potions are on cooldown. 2. Best Potion no longer uses...


Apr 18, 2014 Release
CharPlan CharPlan will help plan your character Equipment. Load your gear and test how you can pimp it to the max. Or search through the item-DB and build you dream-suit. The main-screen will show the estimated attribute values your toon will have. Everything is done virtual without touching your real equipment. And since calculation is done independently from real client the resulting values may differ. Usage: AddonManager MiniMap Button type "/cp" Localization If you want help to localize...


Apr 16, 2014 Release
Deutsch: Dungeon Loots ist ein Addon, welches Ihnen die Bossdrops eines Instanzbosses zeigt. Features Suchfunktion, einfaches Interface zum graden und plussen eines Items. levelangaben zu jeder Instanz Mementoanzahl pro Boss/Instanz Verlinkung mit alt+Linksklick zur Runesdatabase Instanz/Bosspositionen auf der Weltkarte English Dungeon Loots is an Addon, which shows you the drops of a instance Boss. Features Search function an easy Interface to add tiers and plus an Item instances are with...
New icons


Apr 15, 2014 Release
Extended Macro Icons Description EMI adds aound 10.000 available icons for your macros. Prerequisite If you want to use any of the new icons you have to give your macro a name. Otherwise it will show a blank icon when draged into your actionbar.


Apr 15, 2014 Release
EN: Allows to targets mobs, enemies and friends and anything else by mouseover Free configurable<br/><br/> DE: Visiert alles mögliche (Auswahl nach Freunde, Feinde, usw) an, wenn man mit der Maus darüber fährt Sämtliche Funktionen de-/aktivierbar<br/><br/> PL: Umożliwia zaznaczanie wrogów, przyjaciół i innych rzeczy poprzez najechanie na nich myszką Rozbudowana konfiguracja wszystkiego<br/><br/> ES: Permite apuntar mobs, enemigos, aliados y cualquier cosa sólo con pasar el cursor sobre ellos...


Apr 14, 2014 Release
LootIt! Attention with upgrade to Version 1.4! Convert your $word1&word2 filters to $word&$word2 (aditional $)! Improve translation? No problem! Quick-Select: EN FR DE JP KR PL RU CN ES TW Bug found? New idea? Click me Check out the Alpha-Channel at your Curse-Client to get the newest features. The alpha-versions are quite new and have possible more bugs than the releases, but also the hottest features. Check out the LootIt!-DKP website for the upcoming DKP system for Runes of Magic! Click...
ZZInfoBar v2

ZZInfoBar v3

Apr 12, 2014 Release
Important Update Information Please remove any old Version of ZZInfoBar and the Standard Plugins before manually updating to v 3.0.0 or higher. Curse Client will handle updates automatically for you. After a correct update you will be able to see version numbers below the plugin names in the plugin menu. ZZInfoBar displays a bar that is able to show in several buttons nearly all available text based information on your screen. A special feature of ZZInfoBar is the plugin system, which...


Apr 12, 2014 Release
ZZInfoBar v3 plugin: Nearly everything about your characters classes, exp and talent points and your current (daily-) quests.
Auction Browse Frame w/ Saved Search v2.7.1

Advanced AuctionHouse

Apr 12, 2014 Release
Project Links FAQ Ticket Tracker: Report Bugs Help With Translation Work Description This addon is a large improvement over the standard game auction frame. It adds several new features and improves or fixes basic features of the auction house. It removes the page concept and adds all pages to one long list of up to 500 (server side limitation). Allows you to sort and filter out results for easier searching of what you want, and allows you to see and sort by the price per unit. Speeds up...
Addon list

AddonManager For ZZInfoBar

Apr 09, 2014 Release
Do you use ZZInfoBar v3 and AddonManager? Then this addon may be something for you: It integrates all Addons that registered with AddonManager into the plugin menu of ZZInfoBar, giving you fast access to your addons configuration windows without the need of any additional interface elements as the minimap button and the AddonManager mini-bar, or the "/addons" slash command. There are no changes to any addon needed, as this works with AddonManager's registered addons table. Project Links Get...
ZZInfoBar button

Where's My Home?

Apr 09, 2014 Release
Do you always forget where you registered your recall point? Do you hate using the recall skill and get teleported miles away from where you thought you would teleport to? Where's My Home is an addon that saves the location you register your recall point at and shows it to you where you need it the most. When you install your addon the recall point will be shown as "<Unknown Target>" as shown in the screenshot. You need to register your recall point somewhere with the addon installed to have...


Apr 09, 2014 Release
ZZInfoBar v3 plugin: Keep connected to your friends and your guild. See who is online, with quick whiper and invite them to your group.


Apr 09, 2014 Alpha
ZZInfoBar v3 plugin: See how your pets are currently doing.


Apr 09, 2014 Release
ZZInfoBar v3 plugin: The current time and date, as well as the duration of your current game session.


Apr 09, 2014 Release
ZZInfoBar v3 plugin: Get a quick overview of your current game performance (FPS and ping).


Apr 09, 2014 Release
ZZInfoBar v3 plugin: Change your characters title more easily. Inspired by Jaamosan's TitleSelect.